• Pre-Order the New Dee Snider Album

    Pre-Order the New Dee Snider Album

    'We Are The Ones'

    "...We Are The Ones, Snider's new baby...is going to take the music world by storm. Ten songs with Snider's signature attitude, a whole lot of big grooves, cutting riffs, and a solid driving force from the first note on the record to the last note on the last song." - AXS.com

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  • Welcome My All New Website!

    Welcome My All New Website!

    Dee Snider
  • Last and Final Year to See

    Last and Final Year to See

    Twisted Sister

    Performing Live

    "40 and Fuck It!"

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  • New Live DVD!

    New Live DVD!

    Metal Meltdown

    Released: July 22, 2016

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  • Download the New Film

    Download the New Film

    We Are Twisted F**cking Sister!

    Released: February 23, 2016
    When Twisted Sister exploded onto the national music scene in 1983, the foul-mouthed, cross-dressing rabble-rousers became one of the definitive shock metal acts of the 1980s, their infamous live shows drawing rabid sell-out crowds and their music videos establishing an early MTV. But the band that killed disco was hardly an overnight success. WE ARE TWISTED SISTER! is the wickedly entertaining and surprisingly poignant untold story of the ten grueling years spent battling it out in suburban bars and night clubs around Long Island and the Tri-State Area prior to the band's legendary breakout, recounted by the band themselves and the club owners, record executives and rival bands along for the ride.

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  • Download the New Dee Snider Track

    Download the New Dee Snider Track

    To Hell And Back


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  • Now in Over 220 Cities!

    Now in Over 220 Cities!

    The House of Hair

    with Dee Snider

    Find a City Near You or Listen Online

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  • Dee Snider's Cult Classic

    Dee Snider's Cult Classic


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    on iTunes

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  • Dee has Appeared on

    Dee has Appeared on

    Celebrity Apprentice

    Three Years in a Row

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  • Blast From The Past

    Blast From The Past

    Dee Snider vs PMRC

    Dee Went to Washington to Fight for Free Speech

    September 19, 1985

Jesse Blaze Snider "Twisted" Available Now

Jesse Blaze Snider - TwistedPurchase now on iTunes or Amazon.

Jesse Blaze Snider is the son of famed Rock Star, Dee Snider. He is currently working on his first solo record with producer Matt Squire (Katy Perry, 3OH!3, Panic! At the Disco, All Time Low.) He is currently the face of the Sony PlayStation network hosting their signature show QORE and was just featured on the premiere season of ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap. Recently Jesse worked on his family's reality show "Growing Up Twisted" on A&E for which he wrote the show's theme song and composed other music for several episodes. He's also formerly well known for starring in the popular MTV show, "Rock the Cradle" where he received acclaim from fans and critics alike for his "Back-Flipping" performances on the show, as Larry Rudolf put it, "Jesse never disappoints."

Jesse Blaze Snider

He is the voice of many national radio and TV commercials campaigns for the likes of Pizza Hut, GameStop, Cheetos, Burger King and many more. He can also be heard on promotional commercials and narrating shows for ESPN, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Networkand others. Jesse has been a Music Host and VJ for MTV2, Fuse and AOL's Top 11 Countdown. Jesse currently hosts "60 Seconds with Snider-man," featured daily on Lockerz.com (over 31 million users.)

Jesse writes graphic novels for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Disney, Fangoria and others, having written characters such as Hulk, Thor, Batman, the Joker, The Muppets and the cast of PIXAR's Toy Story. Today, Jesse is hard at work, scripting the ongoing adventures of Evil Ernie for Dynamite Entertainment and the Super Grover shorts in the upcoming Sesame Street series from APE, as well as working on many independent and creator owned series with the likes of Jill Thompson, Mike Norton, Chris Cross & Mark Poulton.


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