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"His mainstream notoriety comes from honking a boat horn with his dick" 

DJ Tommy LeeSmack Talk -- Twisted Sister seems to be lighting a lot more fires in the press in the recent calendar year or two. Add to that a grip of lawsuits against small town Mom & Pops type food trucks and coffee shops. The "We're Not Gonna Take It" heroes seem to be holding true to their hit songs lyrical content and lashing out at everyone from nobodies to rock stars. Last year Dee went off and drudged up old news by arguing with Krokus over stage clothes from 30 years ago. Now Dee is slamming Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. 

We're assuming it's all part of the plan to up the ante and just get the bands name in the press. All good. 

This week Snider takes a few swipes at Tommy Lee and grabs old news again when he mentions Lee'sability to honk a boat horn with his dick. Hey, if you got it - flaunt it. We give a thumbs up to anyone who has a wang that can honk horns.

Check out a few Dee's tweets below...

Dee Snider's Tommy Lee Tweets

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee took to Facebook Friday to issue a full-on rant about the definition of celebrity in 2013. The blurb began with a critique of reality tv, something Lee participated in on "Tommy Lee Goes To College" (2004) and "Rockstar Supernova" (2006).

"I'm a celebrity….really?," begins Lee. "I think that means being famous, having pissed on the world's fire hydrant, leaving your mark for years to come and making a dent in the globe the size of the hole in the ozone?

The world's view of a celeb today is the most f**ked up, watered down bullsh*t I've ever seen. I've been in this game for many years now and the abundance of lame TV shows really sets a gruesome standard. Stupid shows about finding love on national TV? Partying in Jersey? Trapped on some island? Celebrity Rehab? The B-C crew that weren't celebs in the 1st place!! Celebrity Apprentice? If you are a celeb why are you looking for an internship?"

"People wonder 'where the hell did the rock star go?' THE BOWIE's, PRINCE's, MICK JAGGER's, They're STILL here people!," Tommy continued. "There's nobody to blame but our own silly ass! We watch the sh*t like fans at an Indianapolis 500 race where folks only go just to wait for a fiery crash and burn! Ok I admit I do it too…but for the love of Jesus, I know it's not right. Do you? Really? And these people who have their few episodes of airtime go on to host parties, sell perfumes, wonder why they're not bigger than they are? They wonder why their "stars" don't continue to "rise." WOW!"


"Do you guys remember the days of talent?," writes the drummer. "Something God gave you, or YOU crafted it into something special that people wanted to go see again and again! And if you were lucky and you made it, you found a way to showcase what you could do? And get paid? Getting paid for your God-given talent…that rules. I am lucky." Read the rest here.

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