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SMF_4ever created the topic: NEW TWISTED SISTER ALBUM!!!
its about freakin time!!!!!! no studio album since the 80's and a twisted christmas doesnt count. PLEASE DEE get you and the boys and make some new metal to fuel me again. The reason i love your music so much is cuz i can relate with the lyrics about parents hating on there kids for like music or aspirring to be musicians. and my parents are just that THEY TRASH MY POSTERS, BURN MY BAND SHIRTS, TAKE MY RECORDS. AND IRONICALLY ENOUGH THEY SAY EXACTLY WHAT U SAID THEY WOULD. THEY TELL ME \"ITS SICK\" AND SICK IS WHAT I'LL BE!!!!!!!! so please make some more tunes so i can headbang to some more music that i can really relate to. music these days sucks! and its cuz twisted sister isnt making any new stuff. come on. do it for the kids like me who face hell everyday with there parents and need to escape in a twisted way. MAKE A NEW ALBUM AND MAKE IT TH\"E BEST!!!! -Clark

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