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Dee's Secret to Branding

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

Dee SniderTwisted Sister frontman Dee Snider talks about how to feel confident when pitching, how to grab an audience’s attention and keep it, and what he learned from Donald Trump about branding:

You’re frequently cited as one of rock music’s greatest frontmen. What’s your philosophy on how to connect with an audience?

You let them know you are large and in charge. It’s the way you stand, the way you carry yourself. Being a frontman is less about your voice than your ability to connect with a crowd. A frontman is a salesman. Steve Jobs was a frontman. Wozniak was the great songwriter, but he couldn’t sell the thing he created. He needed the cock rocker Jobs to say, “Pay attention to this!” I wasn’t always confident, but confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It starts as false bravado—you’re acting like you’re cool and confident even when you’re not—but if you’re convincing enough, people start to believe it. Then you start to believe it and then it’s the reality.


Dee set to wow audiences with 'Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Tale'

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Rock & Roll Christmas Tale

Dee - Rock and Roll Christmas TaleDee Snider insists it was at least a decade before he realized We’re Not Gonna Take It - the band’s signature hit - had a tune that might have been lifted from the Christmas carol O Come All Ye Faithful.

“A friend of mine, we were talking about songs that borrowed from other songs, like George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord and He’s So Fine,” Snider told us in an interview promoting his musical Dee Snider’s Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Tale, which begins a run at Toronto's Winter Garden Theatre Tuesday.

“And he brought it to my attention - (sings) We’re-no-go-nna-take-it!.. O-come-all-ye-faithful! - and I was like, ‘What?’ I sang in the church choir until I was, like, 19 years old. So it wouldn’t surprise me if I’d borrowed something over the years.”


Hamburg School Board President Brooke Adams strikes gavel final time after 28 years on board

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Latest

Adams said that he had many memorable memories, but one that stands out is meeting Dee Snider, the outrageous frontman for the band Twisted Sister.

After 28 years as a Hamburg Area school director with the past several as its president, Brooke Adams struck the gavel for the final time on Nov. 23. 

“After 28 years it’s time to move on,” Adams said after the meeting. “I have no children in the district.”