Counting Cars Tonight!

Tonight, Dee brings Danny and the gang a brand new BMW Z4 that he wants Count-ified for his wife Suzette as an anniversary present. A simple paint job turns disaster when Suzette is not happy with the finished product, not once, but twice. Meanwhile, Mike aims to make lunch hour special by building a picnic table on wheels that is as insane as it is functional.

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Interview with Jesse Blaze Snider

I met Jesse Blaze Snider over ten years ago through a funny story. I had just interviewed Marvel big cheese, Joe Quesada, about something for The Pulse, and he mentioned at one of his earlier jobs a big time rock and roll star slammed the door in his face, and broke his nose. A day later, I got a telephone call from Dee Snider of Twisted Sister taking ownership for busting Quesada's schnoz. We talked for a while and he told me all about his son, a major comic book fan, Jesse Blaze Snider. It wasn't long before Jesse was writing for me at The Pulse.

I watched Jesse grow from a gifted writer to talented musician to wonderful dad. With his newest CD, 16, available now, I thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with my talented friend to talk about his colorful life in and out of music.

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