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Dee in Artisan News' Revolver Special

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Latest

Courtesy of Blabbermouth

Artisan News has uploaded a 70-minute Revolver Golden Gods black-carpet special featuring "complete" interviews with:

Dee Snider at Revolver - Artisan News

* Wendy Dio (Ronnie James Dio's manager/wife)
* Alice Cooper
Ace Frehley (KISS)
* Rob Zombie, John 5, Ginger Fish (ROB ZOMBIE)
* Zakk Wylde
* Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Richie Kotzen (THE WINERY DOGS)

Watch the Video Here


My Dad Was In A Band

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Courtesy of Spin

Dee Snider - Shane's DadHearing the blog title "My Dad Was in a Band" could lead one to believe it'll be some sort of "hey, look at how funny my old man looked when he was in a shitty rock group," but that's not the case. Instead, it's a pretty touching insight into what it's like growing up in a musical household, whether your pops made it big or shined briefly before fading into obscurity.

Shane Snider, the son of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider talks about how much he loved watching the genre-bending metal group's videos, and how it felt to see his father work a minimum wage job after losing the money he made as a star.


Jay Jay French: No Reason To Record New TS

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Twisted Sister

Courtesy of Full Throttle Rock

Jay Jay FrenchI was 14 years old when I discovered Twisted Sister. The year was 1984 and I had just recently started developing an interest in music. It didn’t take long to realise there was something invigorating about the sounds of hard rock and heavy metal. Bands such as Van Halen and Quiet Riot became very popular on my cassette player. Then one day out of nowhere I heard this song playing on the radio, it was a song about standing up for yourself and not taking anyone’s crap. That song was We’re Not Gonna Take It and it would become a metal icon, an anthem that would speak to generation after generation. That was my introduction to Twisted Sister. Of course, not long after I would see them on MTV with their outrageous costumes and make up and the deal was done, I would forever be a fan. Given that, it is hardly a surprise I also gravitated towards bands like Kiss, Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. Their album of that year, Stay Hungry, is still to this day one of the all time greatest heavy metal albums I have heard and takes me back to those fond days every time I put it on. My two favourite member were singer Dee Snider and guitarist Jay Jay French. Recently the opportunity to speak with Jay Jay was presented to me, so over the course of our chat I asked him about his thoughts on the band’s career, Metallica, Sevendust and the Stay Hungry album amongst other things.


Twisted Sister Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of 'Stay Hungry' With Special NJ Show

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Twisted Sister

Courtesy of BlabberMouth

Twisted Sister - Starland Ballroom NJTwisted Sister celebrated the 30th anniversary of its 1984 breakthrough album, "Stay Hungry", with a show this past Saturday night (May 17) at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey. The New York-based band — guitarist Jay Jay French, singer Dee Snider, guitarist Eddie Ojeda, bassist Mark Mendoza and drummer A.J. Pero — played the majority of the album's nine tracks, plus a host of other Twisted Sister classics spanning the band's entire career.

Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.


Dee is a Better Frontman than David Lee Roth & Ozzy

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Latest

Courtesy of AntiMusic

David Lee RothOzzy OsbourneTwisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French believes bandmate Dee Snider is a better frontman than Van Halen's David Lee Roth and Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne.

But he's confirmed fans aren't likely to hear any new music from the band, who continue to play on occasion but have no plans to record again in the future.

"Dee is certainly one of the most underrated frontmen; I don't think he gets the respect he deserves," French tells Full Throttle Rock. "I think he's better than David Lee Roth - and no question better than Ozzy.

"In terms of an entertainer he's more responsible. He understands what he's supposed to do better than these other bands, and that's really an important factor. He really gets what you're supposed to do as a singer. He does his vocal exercises for, like, two hours before he goes on stage."