Dee Snider Is a Gun-Toting Feminist

Stream the iconic Twisted Sister frontman's new solo album, and read on for his thoughts on censorship, Black Lives Matter, and Donald Trump.

It's easy to say that Dee Snider is famous, but it's hard to really understand just how famous he really is until you've seen all 6'1" of him stroll into the VICE lobby and witnessed the way millennial necks snapped around to catch a glimpse. That's exactly what happened the day he came by for an interview, leaving everyone from the receptionist to my generally unflappable Noisey colleagues more than a little starstruck.  It didn't hurt that he showed up in full rockstar regalia, confident and showy in leather pants, shades, and his trademark mane of frizzy blonde hair scraped back into a slick, no-nonsense ponytail, his heavy silver jewelry glinting.  As we made our way through the lobby past a few people who looked positively agog, I overheard the whispers—"Oh my god!”

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This Death Metal Burger Joint Is Grilled Meat Valhalla on Earth

Grill ‘Em All’s “Dee Snider” is a bacon burger layered with thickly spread creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, and sriracha sauce. It is not a gimmick, nor is it a novelty food item. It wasn’t created for shits and giggles or to become a prop for duck-faced selfies. The same goes for Grill ‘Em All’s “Behemoth,” a half-pound cheeseburger that demands the use of two entire grilled cheese sandwiches instead of hamburger buns, concocted in honor of one of the heaviest Polish black metal bands of all time.

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