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How Dee and His Wife Keep Their Marriage Rocking

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Dee & Suzette on Oprah

In a business not known for fostering healthy and stable relationships, singer Dee Snider and his wife, Suzette, have somehow made their marriage work for 34 years and running, even as Dee traveled the world as a frontman in the glam metal band Twisted Sister. How have they survived the ups and downs and kept things fresh and interesting decades into their union? Watch the Video


A.J. Pero A Tribute in Photographs by Mark "WEISSGUY" Weiss

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Mark Weiss - AJ Pero

A.J. Pero was laid to rest (3/26/15). We took this photo in 1985 after a shoot we did with his monster Ludwig drum kit for the "Come Out and Play" tour. I have been finding some classic photos of A.J. from back in the day. Here is a slide show I put together that I would like to share with his family and fans. - mark weiss

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A Tribute to AJ Pero

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Adrenaline Mob - Tribute to AJ Pero

Adrenaline Mob at the Starland Ballroom 3/21/15 - A TRIBUTE TO A.J.PERO.  It's hard to comprehend that A.J. is gone. Check out this video from Saturday night's very special show honoring him. Jay Jay from Twisted Sister finished the night telling his favorite joke of A.J's before performing "YOU CAN'T STOP ROCK N' ROLL. Make sure you watch the end of the video--there's a short GoPro clip from Bonzo Bash last year. What an amazing drummer and person.  From the first time I shot him in 1984 for the STAY HUNGRY album cover to the Adrenaline Mob's photos for MEN OF HONOR, just last year, A.J. gave me attitude -- good, friendly rock n' roll attitude.  He will be sorely missed but never forgotten!  - Mark Weiss

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