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    We Are Twisted F**cking Sister!

    Released: February 23, 2016
    When Twisted Sister exploded onto the national music scene in 1983, the foul-mouthed, cross-dressing rabble-rousers became one of the definitive shock metal acts of the 1980s, their infamous live shows drawing rabid sell-out crowds and their music videos establishing an early MTV. But the band that killed disco was hardly an overnight success. WE ARE TWISTED SISTER! is the wickedly entertaining and surprisingly poignant untold story of the ten grueling years spent battling it out in suburban bars and night clubs around Long Island and the Tri-State Area prior to the band's legendary breakout, recounted by the band themselves and the club owners, record executives and rival bands along for the ride.

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    Blast From The Past

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Dee Snider

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Talks Loss of A.J. Pero and Why Lemmy Kilmister Was a Real-Life Angel

In Part 2 of our interview with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, he discusses the loss of two of rock ‘n’ roll legends. First, he addresses the death of Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero and why Mike Portnoy was tapped as his replacement on the band’s final tour. Moving on from Pero, Dee lamented the crushing passing of Motorhead‘s Lemmy Kilmister, who helped Twisted Sister at some of the most critical moments during their career. After reading Part 2 of our interview, check out Part 1, where the bleached-blond wildman goes in depth about the We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! documentary, which is out on DVD/Blu-Ray, VOD and digital download now and in theaters at these locations.


Dee Snider

After 40 years, Twisted Sister are calling it quits. But before they leave the building, their motormouth frontman looks back on what life on the rock'n'roll front line has taught him

After 40 years, Twisted Sister are calling it quits. But before they leave the building, their motormouth frontman looks back on what life on the rock'n'roll front line has taught him.

There's not a dry (heavily mascara'd) eye in the house. Because it's true – Twisted Fucking Sister are about to fuck off for good…

Dee Snider is a motormouth, plain and simple. From threatening crowds at the Reading and Monsters Of Rock festivals in the 1980s, to feuds ancient (Manowar, Hanoi Rocks) and contemporary (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Edward Van Halen and countless others), the Twisted Sister frontman doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘filter’.

As Twisted Sister prepare for a final world tour, a new documentary, We Are Twisted Fucking Sister, charts their early club roots and rise to success. Here the 60-year-old reveals what really makes him tick.


Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider on Destroying Disco

You won't hear a single note of "We're Not Gonna Take It" in the new documentary We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! — nor, for that matter, will you hear anything else from Stay Hungry, Twisted Sister's multi-platinum 1984 album.

That's because the immensely compelling doc (directed by Andrew Horn, who previously directed The Nomi Song, an award-winning 2004 documentary about the late German performance artist Klaus Nomi) focuses entirely on the 10 years of toil, frustration and disappointment that preceded the outrageous New York heavy metal band's commercial breakthrough. A legendary act in the clubs of suburban New York, Connecticut and New Jersey during the 1970s, Twisted Sister regularly played to thousands of fans a night, yet ultimately had to make their mark in the U.K. before anyone in the U.S. music industry would take them seriously.


Dee Snider


"It is friggin' long. One thing it does, it gives you the experience of suffering through something."

Dee Snider is nothing if not brutally honest when it comes to appraising We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!, a new documentary that tracks the beginnings of his band's career. It takes 134 minutes just to reach the point where the New York glam-metal quintet sign their first record deal. (The film ends there, too.) But when you consider it took ten years for the group to break, the length seems appropriate: Overnight sensations they weren't. And suffer they did.


Twisted Sister

Dee Snider Discusses ‘We Are Twisted F***ing Sister!’ Documentary

We recently had the pleasure to speak with the legendary Twisted Sister frontman and undisputed king trash-talker Dee Snider. Turning back the clock, he discussed the new documentary, We Are Twisted F***ing Sister!, which focuses on the 10 years the group spent playing as a full-time bar band before finally making good on their promise stated in “We’re Gonna Make It.” Look for We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! on DVD/Blu-Ray, VOD and digital download on Feb. 23 and to get the full experience, see a list of theatrical showings here. Now, check out our interview with Snider below:


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