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Dee Narrates Bang Tango Documentary

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Courtesy of Sleaze Roxx

Bang TangoIts been a long time coming, but 'Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie' is finally nearing completion and is slated to be released this summer. A final movie trailer has been posted, featuring narration by Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, to tide people over until the film is complete. 

"Its been a ridiculously long two and a half years working on this thing but I'm proud to say its just about finished and ready to show," director Drew Fortier tells Sleaze Roxx. "With all the other band documentaries coming out, this one is gonna stick out like a sore thumb in all the best ways." 


Eddie Ojeda Hot Sauce

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"If you are a fan of hot sauce, I HIGHLY recommend Eddie Ojeda's Cherry Habanero Sauce!  It is amazing and award winning!  The perfect blend of heat & sweet!  This is just not a plug for a friend, this is my honest excitement and support for the amazing product he's created!" - Dee Snider


Kitties Rescued From Storm Drain

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Courtesy of North Shore of Long Island

Cheyenne KittensWhen 17-year-old Cheyenne Snider didn't see her two black kitties around the house on a recent Sunday she figured they were hiding in a corner or under a piece of furniture, as cats are known to do.

But the daughter of Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame soon found that the duo, Luna and Chibi, were gone from the house and would be missing in the midst of a major snowstorm.

The cats are about 6 months old now, Snider said, and she had been their adoptive mother since they were about 2 weeks old, when she bottle-fed them. She and her mother, Suzette, had adopted them — Luna for Cheyenne and Chibi for Suzette — from The Groomery in Stony Brook, where Cheyenne works.

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