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Newcity Stage: Review

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Dee Snider's Rock and Roll Christmas Tale


What happens when four guys from failed bands join together, make a deal with the devil and pledge their souls to Satan in order to find fame and fortune? When it takes place in a show entitled “Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale,” it’s safe to guess that the result will be something a little… twisted, perhaps. Directed by Adam John Hunter, who also staged the national tours of “Sweeney Todd” and “Rock of Ages,” this world premiere is a family-friendly Christmas rockfest.


Giuliana Rancic & Dee Snider on Their Rock Version of 'Silent Night'

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Dee Snider

Courtesy of Michigan Avenue

With his cascading hair and eye-popping wardrobe, Dee Snider might pass for Santa Claus in an alternate universe—and he does have a fondness for the Christmas spirit. “It is not very metal, but I love the family element of the holiday season,” says the Twisted Sister singer, who is now premiering Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale, an art-imitating-life holiday romp that charts the trials and tribulations of the fictional band Däisy Cütter. The show’s soundtrack features a cameo by E! darling Giuliana Rancic, who makes her musical debut in a markedly metal duet of “Silent Night” with Snider. In a lively, laugh-filled conversation, Snider reveals to Rancic how big hair and Broadway can go hand in hand after all.


'We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!': IDFA Review

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Courtesy of The Hollywwod Reporter

Andrew Horn's documentary on the American rockers premiered in a non-competitive sidebar at the Dutch festival 

We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!Much like the legendary glam-metal band whose grindingly arduous rise to fame it lovingly chronicles, shock-rock-doc We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! is superficially "controversial" (profanity in the title!), essentially conventional, but very, very, very entertaining. Automatic catnip for fans and rewarding for those previously indifferent to or even hostile towards the veteran Long Island combo, this persuasive paean to sheer bloody-minded persistence flies by over the course of 136 engrossing, often hilarious minutes.

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