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Rock and Roll Ain't Dead

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Dee Snider
On the way in the spring of 2015 is 'Rock and Roll Ain't Dead -- Dee Snider Essentials 1983-2015', a new compilation that will feature music from all of Snider's projects over the years including Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, Desperado, Van Helsing's Curse and Dee Does Broadway. Also included in the collection are three brand new songs... Snider's first in over 20 years!

Limited Edition & Signed Rock N Roll Photographs to Benefit Lunch Break

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Ozzy - Mark Weiss - Zakk Wylde

Mark Weiss - It’s time to give back with a little help from my photos!

I am often asked to donate classic rock photographs from my archives.  I would have never imagined when I was 16 and sneaking my camera into concerts that I could make a living out of it, much less help out some people in my own hometown by donating the sale of these photos three decades later.  My career as a photographer has been a dream come true, and it’s time to give back.


Twisted Glad Tidings

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Adam John Hunter - Dee Snider - John B Yonover

Courtesy of Philip Potempa for Lake Michigan Shore

Rock star Dee Snider recalls how excited he was when he saw his first big Christmas stage show in New York.

It was while growing up, as young Daniel Snider, raised in Long Island, NY, when he says his grandparents took him to Radio City Music Hall to see the New York City Rockettes in their annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular, the traditional stage chestnut favorite of generations.

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