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  • Kris just took Zeus out in this blizzard for a quick bathroom break and found something very interesting at the door...any guesses?
    3 days ago
  • im jammin on some black label society
    4 weeks ago
  • Ron Norman uploaded a new avatar
    1 month ago
  • guess i'll go and take a nap with my best friend Drita D'Avicious bye bye 4 now
    1 month ago
  • "The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes, then steal your dreams. It's heaven and hell."

    -Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath)
    1 month ago
  • georgina blair thanks user 'mrsblair1987' in the forum message ' Met Dee!'.
    1 month ago
  • georgina blair thanks user 'mrsblair1987' in the forum message ' Met Dee!'.
    1 month ago
  • so excited i just got my skype up an runnin
    1 month ago
  • georgina blair shared a photo in georgina blair's Photos album
    2 months ago
  • закончил делать налоги!
    2 months ago
  • Логото и кампањата на TINEX - 20 години роденден е '' TINEXX ''.... Ќе биде јако коа ќе слават 30
    2 months ago
  • PsyKo Smiley shared a photo in PsyKo Smiley's Photos album
    2 months ago
  • PsyKo Smiley replied to the topic 'Met Dee!' in the forum.
    Damn, for some reason the pic won't show :(
    2 months ago
  • PsyKo Smiley created a new topic ' Met Dee!' in the forum.
    Went to the Days Of The Dead horror convention, I love the horror cons but it was Dees appearance that made me spend the bookoo dollars and fly down there. Worth every penny!!!!

    I took my IM A SMF license plates and got him to sign one and he liked them so much I gave him the other. We talked about the fan club from back in the day and I showed him I still had the SMF card and was wearing the shirt. I then blew his mind by pulling out the original invoice and welcome letter. Jokingly I told him he still owed me the phone call because I never received it and he was so cool! He said whats your number I'm going to call you right now! he did try but signal in the convention sucked and it wouldn't go through. He took my number and promised he'd call later. He hadn't called by the end of the con but it was ok I was happy with meeting him and him signing my stuff.

    But Dee Snider is a man of his word! A couple nights later i come out from work and look at my phone and I have a voice message. I call and damned if it's not Dee Fuckin Snider on my voice mail! Real nice message about meeting us and then he did an outgoing message I could put on my phone! Too damn cool! Thank you Dee, you made a crappy night at work rock!

    2 months ago
  • PsyKo Smiley created a new topic ' Where the hell is everyone?' in the forum.
    Used to come here years back but it kind of died out. Came back a few weeks ago and couldn't login so tonight I made a new account. How about we get this place going again???
    2 months ago
  • Really good pizza, new place.
    2 months ago
  • Long live the GOP!!!
    3 months ago
  • not or try not to do or say any more stuip stuff on here
    4 months ago
  • Will Hart shared a video
    Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell
    Twisted Sister playing Burn in Hell live at the Wacken Open Air festival 2003.
    View location 4 months ago

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