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  • Robert M Cunningham
    4 weeks ago

  • Andrea Galvin
    1 month ago

  • Andrea Galvin
    1 month ago

  • Keary Prophet
    2 months ago

    Holy Chit, I'm suffering from cognitive dissonance.... and a bunch of it.. and I'm even trying very hard not to. The average man is totally screwed!

  • Sherry Shull
    3 months ago

  • Sondra Lupulio Sego
    3 months ago


  • Wayne Sadorfjr
    3 months ago

  • Sean Barrett
    4 months ago

  • John Frankart
    4 months ago

    RIP AJ Pero! 55 years old.

  • Jamie Clarke
    4 months ago

    Craig Langford where are you?

  • Emilie Berry
    6 months ago

  • Rich Ernst
    6 months ago

    Love it here!

  • Angela Weis
    7 months ago

    I think that I am in love! What should I do?

  • Bobby Sura
    7 months ago

  • Jenn Cortez
    7 months ago

    Great day with my family yesterday. Grateful we were able to spend the day with my sons, my wonderful in-laws, and my sister and half of her kids!!
    BUT, after 2 days of cooking, my behind is happy to be on the couch today knitting and watching Christmas movies!

  • Soufiane Soufiane Abatorab
    8 months ago

    R.I.P. Wayne Static Passes Away
    At Age 48

  • Kurt Buckardt
    9 months ago

    Hey Jason Orth! Look what's coming to downtown Elgin.

  • Dimitris Panourgias
    9 months ago

    Χρόνια πολλά με κοντοσουβλι σπιτικό...

  • David Walker
    9 months ago

    This just in;The New York Jets absolutely suck.

  • Bill Bowman
    10 months ago

    < www.youtube.com/…;

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