MTV News
  1. Katy Perry didn't just surprise Orlando Bloom with a birthday bash and a visit from his mom last weekend: She debuted a brand new hair color, too.
  2. Krysten Ritter — who plays Jessica Jones in Marvel’s hit Netflix series of the same name — is really thrilled to be working on The Defenders, the forthcoming mega series that has Jones teaming up with other notable Marvel heroes. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which offers a closer look at Jones, Luke... Read more »
  3. Green Day's 'Troubled Times' lyric video takes Donald Trump to task while pairing powerful lyrics with stunning, impossible-to-ignore images of protest signs and calls to action.
  4. Iris Law, Jude Law and Sadie Frost's daughter, has launched her modeling career with Burberry Beauty.
  5. J. Cole's visit to the White House and his chat with President Obama inspired some of the lyrics of his new single, 'High For Hours.'
  6. The premise of The Yung Pope, which has only officially begun its Machiavellian reign on our Sunday evenings despite having already been memed to death, is that there is a pope….but he’s fuckin’ hot!!!! Do you see? Do. You. See? If we can at the very least breach this startling, forbidden barrier together, swallow this... Read more »
  7. Skrillex went back to his pop-punk roots with From First to Last to pick up the mic and sing on their new single, 'Make War.'
  8. Lady Gaga had a very busy weekend between hitting the studio with Brian Kennedy and rehearsing for her upcoming halftime show at Super Bowl LI.
  9. Ed Sheeran fans are freaking out over a pic he posted of a cute Scottish Fold — one that looks an awful lot like on of Taylor Swift's cats.
  10. French outlet 'Le Journal du Dimanche' has published Kim Kardashian's reported account of her October 2 robbery in Paris.