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  1. Shrooming At The Rihanna Show: A Glimpse Of Heaven

    I'm not so sure I needed to do any psychedelics in order to access a high dose of elation, because I knew this show was already enough to take me there.
  2. Demi Lovato Says Wilmer Valderrama Is More ‘Passionate’ Than The White Guys She Used To Date

    In a new Latina cover story, Demi Lovato explains why dating Wilmer Valderrama is different from dating white guys.
  3. Kanye West’s Life Of Pablo Tour Will Be As Inspiring As Star Wars

    In a new interview with Steve Harvey, Kanye West revealed his Life Of Pablo tour will kick off this September.
  4. We’re Still Trying To Decide If Taylor Swift Won This Epic Met Gala Dance-Off

    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston danced together at the 2016 Met Gala.
  5. How Do The Rivals III Rookies Feel About Their Challenge Chances?

    How do the 'Rivals 3' rookies feel about their chances in the cutthroat 'Challenge' game?
  6. A Flash Star Reveals Cisco’s ‘Instrumental’ Role In Stopping Zoom

    'Flash' star Carlos Valdes previews Cisco's 'instrumental' role in stopping Zoom.
  7. The Internet Ruthlessly Turned This Disney Channel Star Into A Meme

    Skai Jackson, 14, stars on Disney Channel's "Jessie" and "Bunk'd."
  8. More Money, More Problems: How Jane The Virgin Tackles Issues Of Wealth And Class

    In its great second season, the televnovela deals with maybe the most relatable worry of all.
  9. With Katy Perry’s Permission, Orlando Bloom Tends To His Tamagotchi At The Met Gala

    Last night, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry showed up to the Met Gala wearing matching Tamagotchis. What follows is an extremely real timeline of Orlando’s evening tending to his Tamagotchi. 5 p.m.: Orlando Bloom stands in front of a full-length mirror at the Carlyle, brushing a stray cat hair off his red tuxedo. He swallows... Read more »
  10. Now You Can Finally See Inside The Met Gala — And Get A New Remix From The Weeknd, Too

    The Weeknd performs at the Met Gala and debuts a remix of 'Tell Your Friends,' featuring Nas.