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  1. Watch Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, And More Share Heartbreaking Stories Of All 49 Orlando Victims

    Ryan Murphy teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign for a heartbreaking video.
  2. It’s Time To Stop Comparing Desiigner to Future

    Viewers watched with bated breath as Desiigner took the stage during last weekend’s BET Awards (Note: MTV and BET are both owned by Viacom), and not just to hear “Panda” for the 817th time. Future was seated front row, which meant we were about to witness Atlanta’s hottest rapper sit through three minutes of his... Read more »
  3. Kim Kardashian Isn’t Ashamed Of Her Her Short-Lived Singing Career

    Kim Kardashian references her 2011 song on Instagram.
  4. Kit Harington’s Game Of Thrones Audition Story Involves McDonalds, A Fight, And One Really Bad Date

    Kit Harington explains why he showed up to his "Game of Thrones" audition with a black eye.
  5. ‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 7: Black Is The New Black

    Also discussed: Put some respeck on the BET Awards name
  6. The Old And The Restless: Politically, Adults Are The New Youngs

    We're in a historical moment where it's young people who seem to be showing more deliberation — if not exactly restraint — than their elders.
  7. Ariana Grande’s Birthday Party Was Definitely A Victorious Reunion

    Several "Victorious" cast members reunited for Ariana Grande's birthday party.
  8. UnREAL Goes Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood’s Everlasting Institutional Sexism

    In the Lifetime drama's excellent second season, the women trying to seize power over their show find it hoarded by their male counterparts.
  9. Rihanna’s Songwriter Bibi Bourelly Made A Blues Song For Millennials

    Bibi Bourelly gets bluesy on her new song "Perfect."
  10. Is A Lil Wayne Prison Memoir On The Way?

    Lil Wayne's prison memoir, Gone 'Til November, is reportedly due out in October.