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  1. Some of the cast and crew of 'Riverdale' love Archie so much that they're hanging out on their off-days and hitting up Archie-inspired art gallery shows.
  2. Ryan Murphy set the record straight about his election-inspired season of 'American Horror Story' that's in the works, and mentioned that Trump and Clinton characters will not be seen on the show.
  3. Eeeeek: Remy Ma has let loose with 'ShETHER,' a scathing diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj following the rapper's 'Swalla' and 'Make Love' barbs. Nicki responded, and invoked her secret weapon: Beyoncé.
  4. Kim Kardashian couldn’t make it to see Kendall Jenner walk in Versace at Milan Fashion Week, so she flipped open her laptop and
  5. Patrick Stewart reveals that he's ready to retire the role of Professor X from the 'X-Men' franchise.
  6. John Mayer explains why he's dropping his new music in four-song chunks (vs. a whole new album) and why 'The Bachelor' is a guilty pleasure he can't get enough of, even if he doesn't have time for it.
  7. Delete Your Account is a weekly column that takes the hot air out of celebrities, the media, and their social media shenanigans. Every Friday, I will decide whether or not each perpetrator should delete their accounts and never grace the internet again. This week, Vogue needs to pack its knives and go, Shaq should remember... Read more »
  8. Legendary journalist Dan Rather will be appearing on the premiere of 'Uncommon Sense Live.'
  9. Consuming pop culture of the past can be a jarring reminder that we once lived in a world where our current present would have seemed like the most ludicrous and horrifying possibility floating in a sea of infinitely more likely futures. But even by our new dystopian standards, the 2003 Oscars ceremony is a particularly... Read more »
  10. ‘Arrival’ screenwriter Eric Heisserer tells MTV News about his new comic ‘Secret Weapons’ and finding hope in today’s darkness