The Middle Finger Factor of Dee Snider

“I gave you yesterday

Tomorrow’s no concern”

From “Tomorrow’s No Concern” by Dee Snider

For Dee Snider, heavy metal was always a form of self-protection – a way to define himself rather than succumb to how others saw him.

“I’d come home from school, wasn’t popular, didn’t fit in, was bullied. As an angry young man, I’d go into my room, lock the door, put on an album and just rock out in front of a mirror – lip syncing, working on my stage moves,” Snyder told me. “I would be sweating. And I felt better. It’s that important – everybody needs that. Somehow you need that … Metal allowed me to release all those frustrations and angers – and it changed me. It changed me in the moment.

“Would you rather have someone throw their fist in the air or punch someone in the face?”

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